The Wilde on 27

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Offering a scenic rooftop area with 7-foot glass walls and an energetic outdoor patio, The Wilde pulls out all the stops with an abundance of dramatic elements. Choose from a refined selection of wines and cocktails, along with imaginative and upscale dinner fare surrounded by a vibrant social scene.

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Elevate your dining experience with breathtaking views of downtown Calgary, setting the stage for a culinary journey like no other. he Wilde on 27 celebrates gastronomy as an art form, where each dish tells a story of creativity, precision, and culinary mastery.

Meet Chef Joshua Dyer

Executive Chef at The Dorian

Chef Josh, the executive Chef at The Dorian, is a seasoned culinary expert recognized for his talent by the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance. Dyer has traveled the world's top restaurants and was invited to do an apprenticeship at the Maido restaurant in Peru. Dyer was immersed in the country’s finest Nikkei cuisine, where he worked with top chefs to deliver exquisite dishes using fresh, colourful ingredients. Dyer is celebrated for his fusion of global influences with Western Canadian cuisine, spotlighting fresh, local ingredients. Take a glimpse into The Day in the Life of Chef Josh, and experience the creative process behind his culinary magic.

Day In The Life of Chef Josh

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