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While you’re at The Dorian, you don’t simply eat and drink: you indulge in first-class flavour. Whether you’re after a boozy brunch, a foamy cappuccino, or a delectable dinner with views of downtown, you’ll find a fabulous spread of Calgary restaurants for every craving.

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Meet Chef Joshua Dyer

An experienced chef and educator, Joshua Dyer is the executive chef at The Dorian. Among his many accomplishments, Chef Dyer was chosen as one of the Top 30 Under 30 culinary artists by the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance. 


Dyer has traveled the world's top restaurants and was invited to do an apprenticeship at the Maido restaurant in Peru (World's Top 50). Dyer was immersed in the country’s finest Nikkei cuisine, where he worked with top chefs to deliver exquisite dishes using fresh, colourful ingredients.


Dyer's passion is to bring the very best local ingredients together to create dishes that, while informed by the great culinary traditions, are also uniquely Western, Canadian